Harvest Dinner

Our 4th annual Harvest Dinner was held at the Community Center earlier this month.  It was a potluck-style affair, with dishes that ranged from Risotto with Roast Butternut Squash to Home Garden Tomatoes to Wild Rice Bread to Blueberry Lemon Pie.  There were volunteers on hand to help serve, play the piano, and wash dishes.  The atmosphere was cozy and warm as we reflected on the successes of our gardens and our plans for next year’s gardens.  We are always grateful for our volunteers, who are also our friends and neighbors, for the “potluck” of energy and abilities that they bring to our comunity farm and our annual Harvest Dinner.


Wild edibles, chickens and ducks, and a float

Our Backyard Farming series is off to a great start!  Yulia Welk led a workshop about finding plants with edible and medicinal parts on the Nature’s Garden Trail and Farmer Aaron led a tour of the poultry barn with the Pekin Ducks and the “chicken tractors” with the Cornish X Broilers.  IMG_0463


Oink!  Moo!  Quack!  The Little Farmers delighted the crowd at the Cable Fourth of July Parade with animal noises.  We also handed out 1,000 packets of Blue Lake beans for planting…it’s the Vegetable of the Year!


Fruit Tree Planting, Community Gardening, and Little Farmers

The summer is off to a great start!  Kelli Tuttle, Certified Arborist, led a workshop about Planting Fruit Trees as part of our Backyard Farming series.  The Community Garden plots are mostly planted and well-watered.  The “little farmers” are enjoying their new play space, complete with big tractors to climb on and little tractors to ride.


Kelli Tuttle explains the proper depth for planting fruit trees.


Community Gardeners preparing their plot for planting.


Kristine Lendved always plants plenty of greens to freeze and enjoy all year long.


Roman enjoys the pedal tractor!


After watering the sunflower plants, Asher posed in front of the big tractor.


Backyard Farming

11009949_1181001428592865_8443967049697296393_nWe are pleased to announce our series of mini-workshops for 2016:  Backyard Farming!  Each mini-workshop will feature a “community expert” sharing information that you can use in your own backyard and will incorporate hands-on activities to help you learn how to use your new skills.  The series is appropriate for all ages and experience levels and will be offered free of charge.  Refreshments provided.

6/5 Sustainable Farming for the Home Gardener with Katie Hancock

6/12 Planting Fruit Trees with Kelli Tuttle

6/19 Beekeeping with Monte Lewis

6/26 Nature’s Garden Trail with Yulia Welk

7/3 Pastured Poultry: Cornish X Broilers and Pekin Ducks with Farmer Aaron

7/10 Pastured Poultry: Community Coop and mobile hen house with Farmer Aaron

7/17 Community Vineyard with Tom Nigbor

7/24 Let’s Make Hay: Scything with Adrian  Wydeven

7/31 Plein Air Garden Painting with Mimi Crandall

8/7 Native Plant Identification with Sarah Boles

8/14 Composting with Katie Hancock

8/21 Nature’s Garden Trail with Emily Stone

8/28 Vegetable of the Year: Let’s make Dilly Beans!



The Little Farmers play area will also be open on Sunday afternoons from 3 to 6 pm.


Spring Work Days

Thank you to everybody who helped out at our Spring Work Days!  We had one sunny and warm day and one cold and snowy day, both of which were very productive.  We cleared the space around the old barn for the Little Farmers play area, planted five fruit trees in the Community Orchard, planted potatoes in the Growing Together Garden, packaged beans for the Vegetable of the Year campaign, and installed solar electric fencing around the bee hive.  The Community Hoopla to celebrate our new tractor (thanks to you!) was a festive break from the work, as were the two potluck lunches.  It’s going to be a great growing season!







Community Hoopla

You’re Invited!


“Community Hoopla” to celebrate the purchase of our new tractor, thanks to you!

[hoopla: bustling excitement, hullabaloo]

 Please join us for cake and lemonade!

Saturday, May 7, 11:30 am

Cable Community Farm

13765 Perry Lake Road, Cable