Grant Support

The Cable Community Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies upon support from foundations, corporations, and federal agencies to carry out the programs and projects that further the mission of growing food and building community.  We are grateful to have been awarded funding that enables us to promote healthy food and healthy communities.


The Wisconsin Farmers Union provided $1,000 to support our “Growing Fruit on a Community Farm” project.  We planted 15 new apple trees in the Community Orchard and 24 blueberry bushes.

Memorial Medical Center and the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital each contributed $1,100 to support the Growing Together Garden, which will provide a stipend for the Growing Together Garden Project Leader.


The Wisconsin Farmers Union provided $750 for our “Community Seed Starting” Project so that members of our community can get a head start on their gardening in the spring.


Xcel Energy provided $500 to provide signage for the “Building Biodiversity” Project.  The signs will help visitors learn about the importance of biodiversity for growing food.

United HealthCare provided a $250 sponsorship to purchase seeds for the Vegetable of the Year program.  The seeds are packaged, along with growing instructions, and given away to the community through local businesses, the Drummond Area School District, and the Fourth of July parade in Cable.  Helping people grow some of their own food leads to a healthier community and healthier planet.

The Pat and Sue Quinn Recreational Fund of the Eau Clair Community Foundation provided $200 for the expansion of the Community Vineyard as part of the “Building Biodiversity” project.  This project highlights how biodiversity is essential for crop production and will feature weekly guided tours of the farm.

The Wisconsin Farmers Union provided $750 for the expansion of the beekeeping project that is part of the “Building Biodiversity” project.  The beekeeping operation will expand from one to five hives and produce organic honey for our community!


Agate Woods Education awarded $1,000 to create the “literacy component” of the Little Farmers Project.  The Little Farmers Project is designed to introduce young children to farming through hands-on experiences within a natural play setting at the Cable Community Farm.  The funding from Agate Woods will provide books and puzzles that will be available in the “reading loft” in the old barn at the Cable Community Farm.

Excel Energy awarded $500 for the Backyard Farming mini-workshop series.  The Backyard Farming series will be held on Sunday afternoons at 3:00, beginning June 5.  Topics will include fruit tree planting, bee keeping, native plant identification, pastured poultry for meat and eggs, and much more.  For a complete schedule,  check out 2016 Sunday Afternoons.

The Wisconsin Farmers Union contributed $500 toward our Community Poultry Processing project.  Farmer Aaron is raising 120 Cornish X Broiler chickens and 40 Pekin ducks for meat.  Everybody who has signed up to purchase chickens is invited to help with the processing.  The award from WFU will allow us to purchase stainless steel equipment for this innovative community project.


The Community Leaders Fund at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation awarded $3,600 to develop the Downtown Garden in Cable.  The Downtown Garden provides community garden space to residents living in the downtown Cable area.  The garden contains raised beds and tall raised beds to accommodate people with mobility issues.  It is fenced, with access to water, good dirt, and a community of growers for support.

The Pat and Sue Quinn Recreational Fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation provided funding toward a new (used) tractor at the Cable Community Farm.  This funding was combined with over 100 individual and local business contributions in order to raise money to buy a 2005 48 hp Kubota to allow the 1939 Ford 9N, affectionately known as “Otis” to retire to less demanding farm work.


The Community Opportunity Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation awarded $19,000 to provide support for the Growing Together Garden, opportunities for organizational capacity development, and core mission support.  The Growing Together Garden is a large space where community volunteers plant, weed, water, and harvest fresh produce for the Cable Area Food Shelf.  Through funding for organizational capacity development, the Board of Directors was able to participate in three half-day workshops in order to develop a “mission, vision and values statement” that has helped guide the board through the early stages of nonprofit organizational development.  The core mission support provided funding for operational support, which enables the Cable Community Farm to further its mission of growing food and building community.

Xcel Energy awarded a grant of $1,080 to develop a Community Orchard.  Thirty-five fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, and cherry) were planted in the spring of 2014 during a hands-on workshop that was open to members of the community.  The Community Orchard will be used as a demonstration for workshops about caring for fruit trees and will eventually be a source of fresh, organic fruit for the community and for the cable Area Food Shelf.

The C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant Program awarded $500 to establish a Native Plant Pollinator Garden adjacent to the farmhouse at the Cable Community Farm.  M & M Greenhouse, a local native plant resource, provided plants at cost and Sarah Boles, owner of Northern Native Plantscapes, led a hands-on workshop for the community to learn how to create a native plant pollinator garden.  The garden provide sources of food and shelter to native plant pollinators and ultimately increase the vegetable yields in the gardens at the cable Community Farm.