Join the 3rd Annual Get Outside for Local Food Challenge!

Run, walk, hike, or bike on your favorite trail or scenic road to support the Cable Community Farm‘s efforts to provide fresh, organic produce for our community this summer!

Here’s how it works:

Participants sign up to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity. Participants then recruit sponsors (like friends and family) who pledge to donate a certain amount of money per mile to the Cable Community Farm. Participants will be provided charts to track mileage and sponsors.

(Example: Tony gets Monte to sponsor him for 15 cents per mile. Tony rides his bike 100 miles over two weeks. Monte donates $15 to the Cable Community Farm. Tony wins prizes. Both Tony and Monte feel good about supporting local food.)

It’s ~super~ fun and really simple! Once you sign up, we will send you downloadable charts to track your mileage and sponsors. Prizes will be awarded to our top participants!

Sign up TODAY!