It’s the radish!

It’s the first vegetable to be ready in the garden and it’s the 2020 Vegetable of the Year.  In fact, the variety that we chose, “Easter Egg” goes from seed to your plate in just 25 days!  The artwork, created by local artist, Mimi Crandall, is entitled “First Up, Radishes” and it depicts the brilliant colors of this humble vegetable.

IMG_3207 (1)

2020 Vegetable of the Year: Radish!

It seems most people have only enjoyed radishes in their raw state, maybe sliced with a bit of salt.  However, radishes are totally awesome sauteed, roasted, or even boiled and mashed.  Here’s a recipe that quick and delicious:

Roasted Radishes: Wash and trim radishes.  Toss with olive oil and seasonings (salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder is one good combination).  Bake at 350 degrees in a single layer for about 30 minutes.  Add onions, carrots and other root vegetables for variety.  Add minced garlic during the last 10 minutes of cooking if you like garlic.

For more fun in the kitchen with the Vegetable of the Year:  radish recipes

We are grateful for the support of our Local Business Heroes, who make this project possible: Arm & Hammer Builders, the Brick House Café, Cable Chiropractic, Cable Lumber & Home, Cable Natural History Museum, Hayward Community Credit Union, Lakewoods Resort, Mark Rasmussen Excavating, Northern Native Plantscapes, Norvado, Redbery Books, and Rondeau’s Shopping Center, Start Line Inn and Velo Cafe.

All of these businesses are committed to promoting local food production and healthy eating in our community.  Be sure to thank them for that!