We love cabbage!

It’s official:  the 2019 Vegetable of the Year is CABBAGE!  Cabbage is easy to grow, versatile and nutritious.  The Cable Community Farm was originally founded as a family homestead in the 1930’s.  Along with most family farmers of that era, the family would have planted lots of cabbage for fresh eating, to store in the root cellar, and to ferment in the form of sauerkraut.  Today, we are packing up cabbage seeds, along with planting instructions, to encourage people to grow some of their own food, creating a more healthy and resilient community.


The Cable Community Farm is grateful for the support of the Local Business Heroes, who provided the financial resources for the Vegetable of the Year campaign. This year’s sponsors include the Brick House Café, Brush & Bucket Painting, Cable Chiropractic, Cable Lumber & Home, Cable Natural History Museum, Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, King Realty, Mark Rasmussen Excavating, My Villa, Northern Native Plantscapes, Northland Lawn & Sport, Redbery Books, and Rondeau’s Shopping Center. All of these businesses are committed to promoting local food production and healthy eating in our community.  We also extend our appreciation to Mimi Crandall, who painted the artwork, “Warm Cabbage for a Cold Day”, during a recent below zero stretch of weather.