Preserving the Harvest

home canned vegetablesThe Cable Community Farm is pleased to present a series of hands-on food preservation classes:  Preserving the Harvest.  These workshops are part of a series of classes offered by the Bayfield County UW-Extension and will be taught by Liz Lexau, Family Living Educator.  Classes will be held at the Cable Community Center.  Classes will include take-home samples and food preservation booklets!  The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, August 19, 10 – noon  Water Bath Basics  We’ll learn about water bath canning and make dilly beans.

Tuesday, September 2, 10 – noon  Water Bath and Pressure Canning:  What’s the Difference?  We’ll learn which method of food preservation to use for which foods and make salsa.

Tuesday, September 16, 10 – noon  Frozen Assets:  Using Your Freezer for Make Ahead Meals  We’ll practice with recipes from a “local foods cookbook” using produce from the Growing Together Garden at the Cable Community Farm.

Classes are free of charge, but you must register by contacting Caroline Perkins at 715-798-4268 or  You may come to one, two, or all three classes!  This series is sponsored, in pat, by a grant from the Community Opportunity Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

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One thought on “Preserving the Harvest

  1. This looks awesome Katy!

    Is it your stash for this winter?

    I remember how our canning cellar looked in the fall.

    So full of TASTY goodies for the winter!


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