Leadership Team


Top row: Kelli Tuttle, Kristine Lendved, Katie Hancock, Emily Stone, Susan Thurn, Aaron Campbell.  Bottom row: Candy Hankins, Caroline Perkins, Arthur Hancock, and Suzanne Rooney.

The Cable Community Farm is pleased to announce its Leadership Team, which is comprised of a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors.  Serving on the Board of Directors are the following individuals:  Aaron Campbell, Katie Hancock, Holly Hart, Kristine Lendved, Caroline Perkins, Rose Rothstein, Emily Stone, Susan Thurn, and Kelli Tuttle.  Serving on the Board of Advisors are the following individuals:  Mimi Crandall, Jason Fischbach, Arthur Hancock, Candy Hankins, Dorothy Lagerroos, Suzanne Rooney, and Eric Schubring.  This is a diverse, energetic group, passionate about sustainability and local food!