Harvest Dinner: Building Community

securedownload-1The mission of the Cable Community Farm is to grow food and build community.  While the summer was busy with twenty-five community gardeners growing all kinds of food, the Harvest Dinner held on October 8 was all about building community.  The Cable Community Farm hosted a Harvest Dinner as the first of the CARE Community Dinners, held in Cable once a month.

The Harvest Dinner was different from previous Community Dinners in that it was potluck style.  The table was laden with roast beets, rutabagas, cabbage strudel, zucchini bread, and tomato soup, just to name a few of the dishes created from the bounty of the harvest.  The crowd was an equally pleasant mix of folks from the CARE organization, children and adults from the Drummond Explorers 4-H group who had volunteered to help set up and clean up, community members who arrived on foot and on bicycle, and the community gardeners.

Then, as if a town-wide potluck isn’t charming enough, there were the unique aspects of the event that can only happen in a town that cares about its community.  The long tables were set with pretty napkins, green with tiny pink and yellow flowers, that had been donated to the community farm by a quilting group.  One of the gardeners had a bushel basket full of crab apples and whoever could come close to guessing the number of apples in the basket was rewarded with a jar of homemade jelly.  The door prizes consisted of bouquets of sunflowers and a book about community farming.  There were plates of food being kept warm in the oven for community members who would stop in after work while the cleanup team was washing dishes by hand.  The group had decided to use real dishes so as not to produce much waste.

All in all, the Harvest Dinner was a wonderful opportunity for gardeners to talk about their gardens, for cooks to talk about their dishes, and for neighbors to talk about the changing weather.  Enjoy these pictures and let’s do it again next year!